Christmas Quick Start Confidence course

Having trouble figuring out what to get your child this Christmas? What if there was a gift that was unique, fun, AND able to help them grow mentally and physically?


Our Christmas Quick Start Confidence Course provides children with a unique experience designed to last a lifetime!

What’s included?

✅ Pre-Evaluation ($20 Value)
✅ 2 Weeks (4 Classes) of training ($100 Value)
✅ Full Uniform + White Belt ($49 Value)
  Program T-Shirt ($20 Value)
🌟 Rocky the Tiger Ninja ($35 Value)🌟
$224 Value for Just $99!

Because we want to provide parents with a stress-free gift option, we will personally box and wrap their uniform and Rocky the Tiger so it’s ready to place under the tree as soon as you get it!

How does it work? Click the button below to purchase your child’s Christmas Quick Start Confidence Course. We’ll shortly reach out to you to confirm their apparel sizes and schedule a time for you to come pick up their gifts.

You’ll be able to use our online Appointment Scheduler to scheule their pre-evaluation for after the New Year. During their pre-evaluation, we will schedule their 2 weeks of training. We make it easy so you can have a stress-free holiday!

Act fast, before we’re sold out! 

About us:

We only believe in investing in the best.

We are the only martial arts academy licensed with SKILLZ Worldwide in South East Missouri. Because of this, we are able to provide specific and structured curriculum that targets each child’s developmental stage in four areas: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

We use martial arts as the catalyst for childhood development. Our curriculum is especially designed to be both challenging and rewarding for each student to see maximum results in those four key areas.

Our building is roughly 6,000 sqft — 3,000 square feet of store-front and 3,000 square feet of open event space!
We offer a comfortable lounge area for parents and spectators partitioned off from our training floor.

We also provide free lemonade, coffee, and tea during business hours.
Our store front space also includes a full retail area that consists of training equipment, apparel, and fun toys for the kids! (P.S. we have some items that would make awesome stocking stuffers!)
We use high quality Zebra mats for our training floor to ensure all students have a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment to train.

Located at 766 South Kings Highway in Cape Girardeau, MO

Contact us:
[email protected]
(573) 381-0111

*Knock knock*
Who’s there?
Coal who?
Coal me when Santa’s on his way.