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Frequently Asked Questions

Our classes are dynamic and interactive, making them perfect for kids with lots of energy. Through various exercises and games, we help toddlers channel that energy into focus and skill-building.

Most martial art schools nowadays focus on being sport focused. Although there is nothing wrong with sports, it becomes just another activity.

Our programs are focused on Child Development. We work hard to help your child grow not just Physically, but also Intellectually, Emotionally and Socially. Strengthening family units is a cornerstone of our community at Cape Martial Arts in Cape Girardeau.

Appropriate, Age-Specific Curriculum. One of the biggest mistakes martial art school make due to a lack of Child Development experience is to treat a 5 year old the same as a 10 year old, etc…

It is like placing a kindergarten student in the 4th grade and expecting them to do well. It generally does not go well.

Child have VERY specific capabilities and needs at certain stages of their life. Our curriculum addresses those needs with the 8 most prominate SKILLZ related to their developmental growth, helping to ensure their success.

Safety is our top priority at Cape Martial Arts! Our instructors are trained to work with young children, ensuring that each activity is age-appropriate.

Sports are great expierences that children should get. Yet, sports last a month or two and then they move on to the next thing. Exactly how they were designed to do.

Our programs REQUIRE that the students learn much more. Parents, like yourself, bring their child to us because of very specific needs (emotional control, Focus, Discipline etc..). This necessitates them, and you as a parent, learning committment to something that will teach them patience, dedication, goal achievement and more. All things, along with spurring their development growth, that can help them become over-achievers in their life.

In our Cape Martial Arts classes in Cape Girardeau, we focus on teaching respect and appropriate behavior.

Our curriculum teaches them when to use their new skills and when not to. It also teaches them how to control their emotions, rather than the emotions controlling them