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Serving Non-Profits and Organizations in Cape Girardeau

Anti-Bullying Seminars &
Fundraising Opportunities

Onsite or Offsite Seminars for Children Ages 7 & up

Bullying is a horrible things that has existed forever! It becomes rampant at ages 11 thru the teens, especially during High School. Children can start to understand starting at age 7.

✅ A 1 Hour training seminar
✅ 2 Age Groups (7-9 & 10-15) What is taught differs by ages
✅ Discussion on what bully's look for and how to de-escalate
✅ Verbal and Physical Martial Arts
✅ Introduction of a minimum of 2 practical self-defense techniques
✅ Minimum 3 ppl get to break a board

Fundraising Opportunities

We offer a variety of Fundraising and Donation opportunities for Organizations and Schools. Check some of them out below.
✅ Donation of Gift Certificates for PNO Events, Camps, After School, Quick Start Confidence Courses
✅ Claim a Parent Night Off (PNO) event and earn proceeds
✅ Schedule Private events for Proceeds

This years Theme is Beetlejuice, the Juice is Loose!

Just in time for the movie release, this event should be epic.

Event will take place Saturday, October 26th, 4pm-7pm

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Sponsors are provided 10x10 outdoor spots for candy distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Fundraising & Donation Programs

Most Non-Profit organizations, such as schools, Churches, Scouting organizations and more

Great question!

Most months of the year, we host a Community Parent Night Off Event. We entertain and often even provide a pizza party for the kids while parents get a precious break from their kids!

Additionally, it is possible to host a Private event, based on schedule.

We will sometimes also provide a referral program for the Organization to raise funds.

There is no set amount as it is based on the event and the organization.

For claimed Parent Night Off events, we typically offer 50% of the proceeds from the event. Most events range from $20-25 per person.

For private events we will typically donate 100% of the event minus any food related costs.

Schools and larger Organizations can sometimes be offered a referral program when we are premitted to make a presentation, and provide material to their group members. Refrral programs pay from $30-50 per person based on the program.


We are generally happy to help with Gift Certificates for auctions, prizes and more. Likewise, we love to help our Cape Girardeau community by helping with Fundraisers. Simply, ASK.

Other than that, we ask that the organization help promote and distribute information to their members so that you have greater participation. We will also promote events when appropriate or open to the public.

We focus on teaching children what bully’s look for in their victims and how to reduce the chance of it happening.

Based on their age group we also show them at least 2 age-appropriate self-defense techniques to help boost their confidence along with stressing the 3 rules of Self-Defense and how to use “Verbal” martial arts.

Quite simply because of understanding, likely experience, and needs.

Children under 7 seldom experience true bullying. Ages 7-9 generally need help with how to get to safety while older children need more in depth options as bullying gets more severe.

You will find Cape Martial Arts in Cape Girardeau offers great information to give your child and yourself for consideration.

We offer to do seminars both at our location or at your location. 


Cape Martial Arts provides martial arts classes to Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Benton, Chaffee & Scott City communities