EXTREME SKILLZ (for 10-14 year-olds):

#1 Kids Martial Arts Class in Cape Girardeau. Now Accepting New Students!

The Cape Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts Program Just For 10-14 Year-Old’s. That Finally Gets Them Driven, Assertive, Strong.

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Extreme SKILLZ For 10-14

Cape Girardeau Martial Arts Instructors Who Care

They're Your Child's New Hero

Our Cape Girardeau kids martial arts instructors aren’t just skilled pros; they’re kid whisperers. They know how to make 10-14 year-olds listen, laugh, and learn. 

Your child is in caring hands.

Kids Martial Arts 10-14 Years Old Classes | Cape Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts 10-14 Years Old Classes | Cape Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to remember that they are at the age where a LOT of changes are going on mentally, emotionally and physically. It is enough to make anyone tired!

Still, yes, they get lazy and sometimes sloppy because they have not yet learned how to strengthen themselves mentally or physically.

Using Skillz such as DEXTERITY, MOMENTUM, we teach them how to pay attention to detail and learn how to use their changing bodies to maximize strength.

Statistically, Missouri ranks in the middle when it comes to various forms of bullying, think about that! Having said that, it is still bad. Bullying starts escelating at roughly age 11 and 12 and is by far the most prevelant during the High School years.

Our program for this age group focuses on teaching them how to verbally de-escalate issues thru “verbal” martial arts, while also providing them tools to defend themselves, both which will help provide them the confidence to handle most situations.

Yes, kids this age tend to be all over the place emotionally. Again, all those changes…..

Our Extreme SKILLZ program at Cape Martial Arts in Cape Girardeau is designed to help tweens and young teens with their motivation and instinct to succeed. Many parents have seen significant improvements in their child’s ability to concentrate both at home and in school.

Children this age are typically very smart, they just have incredibly poor decision making and real life experience.

Our program focuses on discipline, concentration, and self-control, traits that extend beyond the dojo into the classroom. Parents often tell us they see an improvement in their children’s academic performance after joining our classes.

No worries! Our program is tailored to accommodate kids of all athletic abilities. Whether your teen is a seasoned athlete or setting foot in a dojo for the first time, they’ll grow in mental, emotional, and physical strength here. No child gets left behind!

Extreme Skillz has 4 classes available per week for your convenience. Students are suggested to average a minimum of 2 classes per week to stay on course.

Use the following link to see the schedule and then get registered!

Extreme Skillz Class Schedule

Extreme Skillz is limited to 12-14 students per Instructor and or Assistant on the floor so that each child recevies the attention needed.