August 9th, 2022
Welcome to CMA! Please be sure to "check-in" online via Facebook to let everyone know about us while you are here!................... If you enjoy what we are doing for you or your family be sure to give us a recommendation via Facebook, Google and Yelp. Word of mouth is THE BEST advertisement available................... DYK, we pay a finders fee for every person you refer to us who joins as a member. A great way to earn a little money........................
Anti-Bullying Seminar August 5, 2022 | 19.00

Join us for a very special seminar on bullying and what can be done to reduce the impact to your child.

Nunchaku Seminar September 10, 2022 | 19.00+

This is a beginning course to teach the introductory use of this item. It is intended for ages 7 thru 14 only.

The seminar is $19, if you need nunchaku’s you can purchase them for $7.95.

Personal Nunchaku would have to be pre-approved before being used in the seminar as there are certain restrictions.


Wendy Stacy Signature SKILLZ- White Belt Welcome Wendy to our Adult Enrichment Program
Annabelle Naughton Extreme SKILLZ - White Belt Say hello to Annabelle. Full of excitement and learning quickly.
Cameron Naughton Extreme SKILLZ - White Belt We're proud to welcome Cameron to our CMA family. Anxious to learn
New Quick Start Faces to Welcome August 9, 2022
  • EARLY SKILLZ – Axel Stang / Gordon Nguyen 
  • BASIC SKILLZ – Arayia Hope-Leimbach / Teddy Ford / Jaxon Hoffman
  • CORE SKILLZ – Buster Ford
  • EXTREME SKILLZ – Julian Howard 
  • SIGNATURE SKILLZ – Kyle Best / Ken Slack / Garrett Slack



Rank Graduation August 27, 2022

Start preparing now! Testing August 27th will be here before you realize it.

Camps August 9, 2022

After School is ready, save your spot now.

Precise Assemblies August 9, 2022

Your solution to Assembly Required! Speak with Jeremy at 573.579.0019. We are proud to have their son (Adam) as our student.

Thompson's Home & Lawn August 9, 2022

For Lawn and home services including trees, repairs, painting, house & roof cleaning and more. Use our CMA Family, Thompson’s Home & Lawn.

August 9, 2022

Be sure to check out The Treehouse Salon, another of our CMA Family’s business in Jackson MO

August 9, 2022

Providing services for home and business. Give them a call.

Missouri Farm Bureau August 9, 2022

Need coverage for home or auto? Contact Richard Harrison and he will take awesome care of you

180 Fitness August 9, 2022

Check out their Ultra-clean and friendly gym. Don’t fight the crowds!

PC Medical Centers August 9, 2022

Pay a visit to PC Medical and learn how they can help you

Rock N Roll Drive In August 9, 2022

We’re so excited to add this business to our partnership program!

Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse August 9, 2022
Academic Award August 9, 2022

Congratulations to:

Gabriel Mack and Omar Almouged, and Amaya North on achieving Academic Excellence on your latest report card

Andrew Askew Basic SKILLZCore SKILLZ Andrew is full of energy and has made good progress since joining us
Adam Glastetter Core SKILLZ Adam continues to grow, learn and amaze us.
Sami Alam Extreme SKILLZ We are proud of Sami as he continues to make progress and work to achieve goals
Cayden Warren Spectrum SKILLZ Cayden amazes us. Works so hard every class, always giving his best
Kolden Dobbs Signature SKILLZ So proud of this young man. Has come so far and accomplished much!