CORE SKILLZ (for 7-9 year-olds):

#1 Kids Martial Arts Class in Cape Girardeau. Now Accepting New Students!

The Cape Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts Program Just For 7-9 Year-Old’s. That Finally Builds Focus, Courage, And Strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our Core SKILLZ program at Cape Martial Arts in Cape Girardeau is fantastic for kids like this. 

Children this age are still working on their fine motor skills and can often appear sloppy or clumsy in their actviity. We work on their TECHNIQUE to improve to refine their skills along with AGILITY and FLEXIBILITY to make their movements more graceful and improve their range of motion.

Children this age are very bright and curious. They tend to lose focus when they find something more interesting and often “over-think” what you tell them.

We teach them how to CONCENTRATE even when there are distractions and become lazer focused over time.

Each class in our Core Skillz program combines physical training with life skills. While your child learns martial arts techniques, they also work on developing respect, leadership skills, and a positive attitude! Our curriculum is designed to help your child shine in all areas of their life!

No worries! Our Core Skillz classes are designed to help kids come out of their shells. The encouraging environment and group activities help even the most timid children grow more comfortable over time.

Core Skillz have 4 classes available per week. Students are suggested to average at least 2 to stay on course with learning.

Use the following link to see the schedule and then get registered!

Core Skillz Class Schedule

Core Skillz is limited to 10 students for each Instructor or Assistance on the floor, so that each child receives the attention needed.